Have you experienced the magic of Sensory Marketing? Everyone needs to own customer experience in the Application age!

Invent Media deals with Augmented Reality and creates digital information with a wide overlay of video feed to market your products and services. Augmented reality “augments” the viewer’s environment with new digital imagery and information. Augmented reality research shows that marketing across mobile applications will generate 1.4 billion downloads by 2015.

We at Invent Media believe that you should be able to market your products. We outpace the current technology’s limitations and are in a quest to give our clients only the best of this technological advancement. An increasing number of brands familiarize themselves with this AR technology and its possibilities in making good their brand image.

Mere branding is not enough. The customer has a variety to choose from. With the help of cutting edge technology your brand will not only capture the customers but create a unique identity of your brand among your competitors. The aim is to be number 1 and with a rich interactive experience you are receiving exactly that!

Creating the correct equation between you and the end client is the aim of Invent Media. We believe in creating lasting virtual relations. We identify your business needs and the end client needs and with the help of our technical expertise this new age sensory marketing stands to revolutionise your business.

What we offer:

  • Have an idea in your mind? Tell us! Our technical experts will transform and transcend your idea into a living reality through the AR technology.
  • Already have a business set up that is lagging behind? Spark up the statistics with an Augmented Reality enabled website and mobile application.
  • Make mobile a priority in your organization to achieve funding and advance marketing initiatives.
  • Understand evolving technological requirements and attract people with the right expertise.
  • Optimize usability to build the most competitive technological experience.
  • Create an integrated marketing campaign that connects mobile, web, TV, and print
  • Employ meaningful research and market analytics to discover the best way to calculate ROI for your web and mobile initiatives.
  • Improve and evolve customer experience.
  • Incorporate Customer Relationship Management in Social Media campaigns to keep customers in sync with the latest business trends.
  • Build a tablet-specific offering.
  • Harness the latest innovations like augmented reality to deliver an engaging experience.

BUT , What about the cost? Get in touch with us and see your business reach new heights at an affordable cost.
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There are no guarantees in any business field but here are some statistics to help you figure out if AR technology is for you!

The total revenue generated from AR at the end of 2013 was around $300 million.

  • By 2016, the revenue is expected to cross $600 billion.
  • It is expected that by 2017 more than 2.5 billion mobile AR apps are going to be downloaded.



Website Solution

Are you having nightmares on the failure of your business because of a dull and drab web page to greet your customers? Are you setting unrealistic targets?

e-Commerce Solution

Out of the world’s 4 billion mobile phone users, 1.8 billion are smartphone users and about 3.5 billion are heavily reliant on SMSes.

Mobile Application

Mobile App has taken the world with storm with an astonishing figure of 80% of the time spent by user on a mobile is basically in applications !!

Outsourcing Solution

Outsourcing is the equitable and qualitative distribution of limited resources when you have none! The core of a business effort is to reach global clientele.