The ever growing arena of E Commerce entails a world of growth. Find out how your brand can be a part of this growth story!

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The E Commerce industry is an ever growing one, with various growth inducing verticals. Today, if you have a product, a service or even a saleable idea, you can join the E Commerce bandwagon and earn multiple benefits. The E Commerce industry is one that is beneficial from a number of angles, and for a number of reasons.

Read on to know more:

  • Multiplicity of needs: When you get on the E Commerce scene, you get to interact with audiences across various “need” backgrounds. The sheer multiplicity of needs that you can service, can help you tap into numerous profit making avenues.
  • Back end panels that are easy to use and come with a host of options for any business bandwidth
  • Networked Scheme of things: With E Commerce, you do not merely have a two way conversation with a single customer, or a single type of customer. Thanks to the various social media and optimisation tools, you have to option to interact, broadcast, appeal to, and finally get onto entire networks of customers who will further guide you into other networks. Get the net result?
  • Growth: On the E Commerce landscape, there is only one way to go if you and your brand do it right – grow!

So if you want to make growth a part of your brand scheme, you need to do it right – and with the right tools. Here’s why Invent Media fits right in – literally!

  • Store Creation: With our amazing range of designs, conception and story boards, templates, features and even customisable options, your store will leave a definite impression on your visitors and customers. Add as many products and services you want to start making the figure of your dreams!
  • Shopping Aids: Our E Commerce design gives you various shopping aids that help you take your customer effortlessly through your store and its various features. Because “always on” shopping is now a reality thanks to the proliferation of hand help devices and social media platforms!
  • Decision Aids: Ever wished you could smell the coffee you are about to buy online? Well, that’s what we excel at, here at Invent Media. With our various decision aids, we ensure that no question goes unanswered. With our supporting tools, you get a user interface like none other and more than that, you get the scope to answer every burning question your customer has!
  • Responsive and Classy: We believe in keeping things simple, yet classy. Which is why you get the advantage of responsive design with cool user interface, and easy to use stores, when you use a platform like ours. And besides, 50.3% of all online shopping happens on that smart phone or tab!
  • Fully Compliant with Risk Alleviating Measures: Taking care of risk is part of what we do, which is why you get payment data security standards built in with your store and its payment gateway!
  • Marketing Tools: Make your store a more fun place with all our marketing tools. Send out an email campaign, or reach out with newsletters. Or simply go the social media way! Your wish truly is our command! With social discovery tools specially designed at our labs, we ensure that your brand message and store front does not get lost in the crowd!
  • Integrative Services: When we create a store, we ensure that the back panel is easy to use and well structured. You get features like payment gateways, shipping carrier tie ups and so much more to ensure that you sell, and we do the rest!

So remember, if you want to get into the E Commerce space without hiccups, and with an impressive, well functioning store – Invent Media is who you call!

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