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The mundane Hospitality Sector has been converted into an experience of a lifetime through the use of Augmented Reality!


An increasing amount of business travellers and tourists are travelling to various parts of the world and to them the importance of a hotel is basically a roof above the head in simple terms, they need a “hotel.” But what if you can give them a chance to witness first hand what you have to offer them, not just photographs and a list of amenities but a virtual walkthrough in your hotel before they can decide that you have the perfect place for them to enjoy and relax.

With the advent of modern technology, it becomes essential to facilitate the tourists with benefits. An essential part of inviting and facilitating customers to ensure they enjoy your services. The technology is based on GPS data. It separates your hotel from the rest of the competitors. The idea is to convert the hospitality sector into places to visit rather than simply necessities of travel. AR would also likely see a much more accessible and direct communication between these services and tourists.

Visitors in an AR enhanced restaurant will be able to interact with their dining experience. They can try traditional and customary dishes and if you belong to another part of the planet you are giving them a first- hand chance to experience a different world, cuisine and culture. They could place an order from the menu of your hotel provided and the same can be custom translated into their own language and enhanced with graphics.

Augmented Reality could play a major role in creating contemporary style publicity campaigns. By using ads through augmented brochures and allowing it to attract the individuals, customers could gain a much better impression of their destination. This could be developed into a highly powerful sales technique much more advanced and personal than the reliance of photographs and videos.

Up until now Augmented Reality technology has been playing a major role in the Building and construction industry but has not reached the mass market which is why you need to cash in on it!

Invent Media is here to redesign your business in the virtual world, redefine user experience and reframe your strategy to give an optimum virtual performance.


  • Innovative and compelling marketing techniques vis-a-vis AR.
  • Social media integration via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Highlight the strengths of your hotel to convert ordinary page hits into potential consumers.
  • Increase your hotel’s visibility through a strong web presence.
  • Augmented Reality technology is currently based on GPS data and can be used with applying visual information. This will give you an understanding of your target audience and your potential clientele.
  • App developers come in plenty but our team of experts are proud at being the best at the job.
  • Boost your business and maximize the number of online bookings and exploit the power of a cell-phone to earn you customer loyalty!

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