Mobile App has taken the world with storm with an astonishing figure of 80% of the time spent by user on a mobile is basically in applications !!

Be it a flourishing business or a regular start up, business is in constant need of expansion. For business growth the company adoption of the mobile application has led to significant increase in the number of investors.

At Invent Media with the help of leading edge technology and tech savvy experts we will revolutionise your business by generating a new stream of outcome from your business through the use of mobile applications.

With the help of Object C and Java technologies we create interactive and comfort design applications that is not only user friendly but provides for a whole new conglomerate of clientele for the business.

Instant updates, intuitive navigation and immediate solutions in case of technical faults make the application a hit among users!

Crossing boundaries and borders our mobile apps are created for an international audience with variegated understandings. The applications are non – complex and ensure that it can attract the attention of the current technologically advanced generation.

Mobile Apps Vs. Mobile Website

Times Spent on IOS & Android Connected Devices

Browser (20%) & App (80%)

  • Opera Mini 2%
  • Android Native 4%
  • Games 32%
  • Facebook 18%
  • Entertainment 8%
  • Utility 8%
  • Social Networking 6%
  • News 2%
  • Productivity 2%
  • Other 6%
  • Safari 12%

Propagation :

Mobile applications are currently a primary mode of propagation. The benefits of this service include:

  • Outbeating competitors from the same business market
  • Keeping in sync with the current trends
  • Improve digital marketing strategy and ensure you stay ahead of the rat race
  • Data and Market analysis via the use of the application from the users
  • Direct contact with the customer

android app2

Our Expertise/ Why Us?

Invent media aims to re-invent your business with the following mobile solutions:

  • OS Applications
  • Mobile Marketing Strategy
  • Android and Ios applications
  • Optimal mobile communications strategy
  • Data on the number of users of the app on a daily/ monthly basis
  • Customised applications to suit your business needs.
  • Our technical experts will stay in touch with you on the development of the application giving you a chance to be part of the entire process.
  • Speedy delivery of the mobile applications.
  • User interface design especially constructed with the user in mind.
  • Tablet optimization.
  • Cross platform testing for you to be sure of the workability and functionality of the application.
  • Allows for geolocation and mobile tagging of the user and gives you a brief/ detailed summary of the amount of traffic in a countrywise format.

Website Solution

Are you having nightmares on the failure of your business because of a dull and drab web page to greet your customers? Are you setting unrealistic targets?

e-Commerce Solution

Mobile App has taken the world with storm with an astonishing figure of 80% of the time spent by user on a mobile is basically in applications !!

Augmented Reality

Invent Media deals with Augmented Reality and creates digital information with a wide overlay of video feed to market your products and services.

Outsourcing Solution

Outsourcing is the equitable and qualitative distribution of limited resources when you have none! The core of a business effort is to reach global clientele.