That’s right. Our Outsourcing Solutions are all about bringing you and your productivity, back together for a happy ending. Read on to know more!

The Outsourcing Solutions at Invent Media do not merely take a task off of your hands – they do a splendid job of bringing you back in contact with your core competency so that productivity becomes your focus. These services and solutions create frameworks, web applications, platforms and content tools that make you look good – tools that help you do your core job efficiently.

With services that up your productivity quotient, we strive to understand the solutions that you provide to your end user. That way, our deliveries resonate with the tone you would ideally employ. We ensure that we speak the same language as your brand. So we do not merely complete a task you outsource to us – we understand, apply and execute. Flawlessly.

Get in touch with your productive self by letting us take care of the following:

  • E Commerce Solutions that create a seamless, attractive and efficient retail platform
  •  Responsive Websites that translate from PC to Phone in one neat swipe
  •  Flash Banner Presentations that catch and retain attention
  •  Video Animation that brings story boards and ideas to life, to sell your target audience a winning vision
  • for never seen before dynamic web solutions
  •  Cake PHP and Code Igniter for efficient and imaginative frameworks and user management
  •  Content Management and Search Engine Optimisation for better Rankability with state of the art content!

With a number of ways to get on the digital marketing and visibility map, there come a number of challenges. These challenges can slow you down and put productivity on the back burner. So how do you know you need to contact us for our outsourcing solutions right away?

  • If you feel like you are losing out on precious face time with your target audience due to other back end tasks;
  • If you need to sell something and make an effective brand statement as you do so;
  • If you have a technical need that needs to be executed for you to put your best foot forward;
  • If you have a website, digital marketing need, or E Commerce set up waiting to happen
  • -Unique programming for unique solutions!


Invent Media is committed to providing Technology driven solutions to meet your business needs. Here’s why we are instrumental in giving you a breakthrough with your commercial ventures:

  • Outsourcing through Invent Media gives you a 24/7 advantage.
  • It is cost effective and the fieldwork operations cost half as with twice skilled work force working round the clock to help the business grow.
  • High – end technology has almost obliterated the need for high end infrastructure in every city of the world. Your clients need to see your work and Invent Media gives you just that.
  • Amplified efficiency of the venture gives you the ability to focus on core competencies by ridding yourself of peripheral ones.
  • Access to the expertise due to increased flexibility in access to meet changing business and commercial conditions.
  • Better budget control will enable you to focus your investments in growing your business globally than merely expanding it domestically.
  • Each business varies by situation but outsourcing is a must especially through technological innovation.
  • We give you a customised experience backed with the best of innovative technology.

Website Solution

Are you having nightmares on the failure of your business because of a dull and drab web page to greet your customers? Are you setting unrealistic targets?

e-Commerce Solution

Out of the world’s 4 billion mobile phone users, 1.8 billion are smartphone users and about 3.5 billion are heavily reliant on SMSes.

Mobile Application

Mobile App has taken the world with storm with an astonishing figure of 80% of the time spent by user on a mobile is basically in applications !!

Augmented Reality

Invent Media deals with Augmented Reality and creates digital information with a wide overlay of video feed to market your products and services.

Our Clients

We make your business better !!