RealityBuzz metamorphosizes your existing prints into an interactive 3D experience!!

reality buzzzInvent Media believes that creativity and expertise is a primary pre-requisite in moving the pendulum of profit in the market for your brand. Every brand has a set of distinct considerations which is why RealityBuzz specialises in customising the web based and internet application to accelerate the brand’s retail presence in the virtual arena.
RealityBuzz is a new passionate augmented reality solution designed to meet your local and international Real Estate market needs on a virtual platform. It is an interactive 3D experience that can convert existing prints like “Brochure, Flyer, Bill-Boards and even Magazine and Newspaper prints into interactive material.

As the competition for core assets intensifies, client engagement and client satisfaction have taken a front seat in Global Real Estate Marketing. Investors are paying greater heed to change in trends and technological advances is intensifying the competition.
In such tight – market situation it becomes imperative to highlight that currently for an investor who is already strapped for time, “Seeing is believing.”

Augmented Reality offers the solution to this marketing dilemma. With a virtual re- creation of the property through the use of 3 dimensional modelling, 3D walkthroughs and 3D Flythroughs we provide you the expertise to maximise your profits through a perfect online strategy.

Why RealityBuzz?

RealityBuzz is developed & designed to enhance the Real Estate client engagement, so you can:

  • Saves your cost & time
  • Your client engagement and satisfaction will increase
  • You will get notifications when the brochures are viewed

With RealityBuzz your clients can quickly and easily

  • Take a Simulated tour of the property they want to purchase
  • Schedule an appointment right from the application
  • Your clients would love the rich 3D experience at the comfort of their own space

An Insight into RealityBuzz

  • RealityBuzz is customizable as per your business requirements. It works seamlessly on Android /iOS platforms.
  • We will rebrand the application with the logo of your organization so you can let your clients know about your brand power.
  • Low maintenance and strong support function is available.
  • Interactive rich 3D model makes the application fun to use.
  • Complete walkthrough of the future property increases client satisfaction.

Edutainment Toys

Invent media has opened a new facility in Pune and is planning to roll out a range of 15 different edutainment toys in the next year’s time.


Invent media has opened a new facility in Pune and is planning to roll out a range of 15 different edutainment toys in the next year’s time.

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